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About me

Hi, I am Philipp, a 26 years old travel content creator from Germany.
I founded my travelblog nearly 9 years ago, back in 2014 while working in a travel agency beside my studies, deciding to make traveling the purpose of my live.
Meanwhile not only stands for high-end travel guides, holiday content from all over the world and the daily portion of wanderlust, but also for the development of the person behind the blog. The journey from a travel crazy teenager to a young man who never stopped believing in his dreams and now realizes them every single day.

Today, my team and I are traveling around the world, have had the opportunity to visit over 60 countries, discover over 100 cities and to meet many new and inspiring people and cultures.

We love the adventure and are currently on the best journey of our lives.

Press / Featured

Empire Thirteen Onlineshop
Sharp Magazine (USA)
Stilbruch Magazine (Germany)
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Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-29 um
Stole the Snow Online Magazine (Italy)
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